SOD-IST Natural Tool - Mag-ny cream

SOD-IST Natural Tool - Mag-ny cream [product picture]

SOD-IST NO Cream contains a rich combination of natural ingredients and is very gentle to the skin. It contains yuzu fruit extract which cures dryness and roughness, and helps the skin recapture its natural freshness and clarity. Moreover, ceramide, a moisturizing component, helps retain moisture leaving the skin soft and smooth. SOD-IST NO Cream is fragrance free, contains no coloring additives or preservatives and is safe for sensitive skin.*1
SOD-IST NO Cream is preservative free and therefore cannot be mass produced. It is made-to-order, upon receipt of order.

  • Contains no coloring, fragrances or preservatives.
  • Avoid getting cream on garments, as it may cause a stain.
  • Avoid use in places where skin is exposed to direct rays of the sun.

*1 Please discontinue use if any skin irritation develops.

Vaseline, Quartz powder, Squalane, Mica, Moonstone powder, Sunstone powder, Arnica flower extract, Linden flower extract, Horsetail extract, Hypericum extract, Sage leaf extract, Yarrow extract, Mallow extract, Chamomile extract, Marigold flower extract, Royal jelly extract
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