SOD-IST Natural Tool - Mag-ny ball

SOD-IST Natural Tool - Mag-ny ball [product picture]

SOD-IST Magny Ball is a delightful bath therapy that both softens the water and invigorates the bather. SOD-IST Magny Ball contains many elements such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, copper, zinc and selenium and traces of cobalt and titanium.
Manganese, copper, zinc and selenium are closely related to the activation of vanadium and SOD which remove oxygen radicals. Cobalt is a growth factor and titanium is naturally found in the body in small quantities.

70g of quartz (α-SIO2) ,albite (NaAiSI3O8), Annite(KFe3SiAI)4O10(OH)2 and a small amount of parawollastonite (β-CaSiO3
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