The growth and development of Niwa Medical Laboratory Co., Ltd.

The Niwa story begins over twenty years ago, in November 1987, when Dr. Niwa established a private limited company called Fuji Ryuutsuu System Inc. for marketing health and health-related products.

After several years, in February 1991 his company began to actively promote the benefits of Niwa Therapy and specialize in the sale of products developed and patented by Dr. Niwa.

By July 1995 the company had grown and regrouped into a joint stock company called Fuji Ryuutsuu System Co., Ltd.

In May 1991 the company responded to the growing trend in pet health by advancing into the veterinary field.

The company formed a business tie-up with VTF (Veterinary Medical Equipment Factory) led by Dr. Masayuki Nagase, a veterinarian, with extensive experience in animal allergy and immunology.

By November 2000 the company had grown further and operations were streamlined by dividing Fuji Ryuutsuu System Co., Ltd. into two separate companies; Fuji Ryuutsuu System Co., Ltd and Niwa Medical Laboratory Co., Ltd.

2003 was an extremely busy year!
In the spring the company joined the Society of Companionate Veterinary Medicine in the R&D of medical equipment for veterinarians and in the summer, established a research laboratory at Taishido in Setagawa ward of Tokyo.

It is at this laboratory where they began further research in two fields based on Niwa Therapy; 1) the processing of natural ingredients so that they get activated in living organisms and 2) the synergy effect derived from combination of different active natural ingredients.

October 2011 the headquarters building is moved for the employee staff increase.