Agaricus developed by Dr. Niwa (Products developed by Dr.Niwa)

Agaricus developed by Dr. Niwa  [product picture]

Agaricus is a blend of extracted agaric mushroom and our specially processed Rokkaku-Reishi(六角霊芝)* patent pending. Rokkaku-Reishi is a kind of Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) richly containing beta-glucan and well documented for its ability to modulate the immune system.
All our products are made from carefully sourced and selected natural ingredients. We source our agaricus from China - the world’s number one mushroom cultivating country - from May to August. This wonderful product contains many life enriching nutrients such as beta-glucan, vitamins, minerals, nucleic acid, amino acid and enzymes.

Agaricus, powdered Rokkaku-Reish
Active ingredients
Protein, glucide, carbohydrate, sodium, ash, moisture, beta-glucan.
Servings per package
1.5g x 90 sachets
Serving size
1.5g x 1 sachet
Country of origin
Made from local and imported ingredients
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