SOD-IST Supplement for Animals Balance Plus

Lactic acid fermented, black sesame blended with adlay / Ingredients of black sesame seeds concentrated

SOD Royal - Adlay blended, lactic acid fermented, black sesame [product picture]

Balance Plus, supplement for animals, is made for smooth digestion and absorption into the body by far-infrared roasting, fermentation and oil-solution of the pure plant material, such as, such as green tea, germ, soybean, bran, pearl barley, wheat, sesame and so on. From weaning period to senile state, this is nutritional supplements, which you can give with confidence in a wide range of life stages, for maintaining the health of your pet.

Green Tea, Germ, Soybean, Bran, Pearl Barley, Wheat, Sesame Oil, Citrus Juice
Servings per package
3.5g/pack x 60 sachets
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Data Analysis * Certified by Japan Food Research Laboratories (JFRL)

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Production process


Strictly selected black sesame seeds.

Lactic acid fermentation

Fermenting with a specific lactobacillus strain.

Heat treatment

Heat-treating lactic acid fermented black sesame seeds to efficiently produce sesamol which is one of sesame lignans.

Blending with adlay

Blending lactic acid fermented and eat-treated black sesame seeds with adlay.


Black sesame seeds blended with adlay will be further processed to complete production.


These will be further processed to complete production.