Natural Green Smoothie

Natural Green Smoothie [product picture]

LOHAS Smoothie contains sixteen varieties of Japanese-grown cereals, which have been an integral part of the Japanese diet since antiquity. The nutritional value of the cereals’ essential amino acids, which are necessary for protein synthesis, is enhanced by first fermenting the cereals using malted rice, then roasted them.

The smoothie is packed with organic barley grass powder, a strong antioxidant, and is abundant in sasa veitchi-boosted dietary fiber, which intestinal bacteria feed on. The crunchy super foods, chia seeds and quinoa, sustain modern, mineral-deficient dietary styles. This drink ensures you get much-talked about nutrients, such as anti-aging gamma-aminobutyric acids, total ferulic acid that prevents forgetfulness and oxidization, and gamma-oryzanol that maintains the body’s balance.

  • ●Full of the nutrients you want
  • ●Feel good inside and out
  • ●A nice break for your body after overeating the day before
  • ●Dieting aid
  • ●A grainy texture for a natural chewy sensation
Fermented cereal powder (hulless barley, rolled barley, green brown rice, glutinous brown rice, black rice, germinated brown rice, glutinous barley, red rice, rice barley, corn, Job’s tears, Japanese millet, glutinous foxtail millet, glutinous common millet, non-glutinous foxtail millet, green rice), organic barley grass powder, isomaltooligosaccharide, sasa veitchii powder, chia seeds, puffed quinoa, glucomannan, psyllium husk powder, milk extract powder
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